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About Us

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) is Ireland’s largest national animal welfare charity, and represents a number of affiliated member societies.  Together the ISPCA and our members help, rescue, treat and responsibly rehome tens of thousands of animals of all different species.

‘The Society cares for all animals’


Our Role

Our role is to prevent cruelty to animals, to promote animal welfare and to pro-actively relieve animal suffering in Ireland.  The ISPCA supports the aims of similarly minded animal welfare bodies throughout the world.  The ISPCA believes that animals have the right to live their lives free from needless suffering and we aim to rescue, rehabilitate and responsibly rehome animals that are subjected to cruelty or neglect.  We also believe that all animals have an intrinsic value entirely independent of their value or use to man and should be respected and protected accordingly.

In short, we:

  • Promote animal welfare
  • Prevent cruelty to animals
  • Relieve animal suffering


Strategic Framework

Our Strategic Framework 2023 – 2027, available for download below, highlights our vision for the next five years.

Click here to view and download.


Mission Statement

Our Mission is that through education, legislation and ongoing support, we can Prevent Cruelty to all Animals.


The Declaration of Animal Rights

That we share the earth with other creatures great and small.
That many of these animals experience pleasure and pain.
That these animals deserve our just treatment and that these animals are unable to speak for themselves.

We do therefore declare that these animals:

  • Have the right to live free from wanton exploitation whether in the name of science or sport, exhibition or service, food or fashion.
  • Have the right to live in harmony with their nature, rather than according to human desires.
  • Have the right to live on a healthy planet.
  • We therefore call for the protection of these rights.



We believe the following freedoms should be afforded to all animals:


  • From hunger, thirst and malnutrition.
  • From discomfort.
  • From disease and injury.
  • To behave normally.
  • From distress and fear.


ISPCA Policies

We believe that man has a responsibility to care for the earth and all creatures on it, and that each creature has an intrinsic value, entirely independent of its value to man, and should be respected and protected.

We believe that animals have the right to live their lives free from avoidable suffering at the hands of man and that man has a duty to provide for their welfare.

We believe that all animals kept by, or under the control of, humans must be kept in circumstances appropriate to their species and where the physiological and behavioural needs of a species cannot be met, the species must not be kept by man.

We believe that the different purposes for which animals are used must be regularly re-evaluated.

ISPCA Policies on Animal Welfare


Organisation History

The ISPCA is a national charity and was established in May 1949, by a group of committed volunteers from across Ireland, and since then the ISPCA has worked locally and nationally rescuing, rehabilitating and responsibly re-homing cruelly treated and neglected animals. The Society is the umbrella organisation for a number of affiliated local animal welfare organisations and as such provides training and support to a dedicated and committed core of volunteers. 


Charity Details   

ISPCA and An Cumann Éireannach um Fhoirithint ar Ainmhite are the registered business names of The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a company limited by guarantee, registered in Ireland with company number 460571, Registered Charity Number 20008734 and Charity Number CHY 5619.


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