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Unusual visitor to Cork City garden!


Following a call to the ISPCA confidential help line, ISPCA Inspector Lisa O'Donovan responded to a call regarding an unusual visitor in a garden in the heart of Cork City. The caller had seen what she believed to be a snake on the branches of a tree. Initially she thought it to be a twig until it moved.

Inspector O'Donovan arrived to find that the snake had moved and could not be seen. After a slow and methodical search she spotted the snake coiled around the inner branches and gently removed it.

"It's not an uncommon call that we receive at the ISPCA" said Lisa, "Unfortunately we do get the occasional calls. Snakes are great escape artists and can easily escape a terrarium that has not been closed properly".

This particular snake was identified as a corn snake, a very popular pet with snake enthusiasts. While not a threat to the public, its presence can cause alarm to those unfamiliar with the species.

Billy, as he is now known, is now safely in the care of the ISPCA and doing very well.

The ISPCA would advise people who keep reptiles, especially snakes, to ensure that the accommodation they are kept in is secure. If a snake can get its head through the tiniest opening then it can easily escape. Additionally they can be strong and can easily push through and insecure opening.

Whilst Corn Snakes are not venomous creatures, they do require experienced handling, as with all reptiles. We would advise the public always to call for professional assistance when dealing with exotics.

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