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Trapped Cat Rescued by ISPCA


"It’s all in a day’s work and one of the nicer aspects of the job," commented ISPCA Inspector Lisa O'Donovan  as she secured the  6 month old ginger kitten in an animal carrier and lifted him to safety.

Distressed meowing had been heard coming from a yard of an empty house in Cork City. The caller had called to the house over a period of days and was sure it was unoccupied so they contacted the ISPCA Animal Helpline.


Inspector O’Donovan responded to the call and, with the aid of a local resident and a good strong ladder, she accessed the yard. There she found Carlos, as he was later named, hiding from the heavy rain behind some planks of wood. "He was so relieved and delighted to see me that he came straight out looking for attention".

Having been checked to ensure that he had no injuries, Carlos was removed safely from the yard and was brought to the local veterinary hospital where he was offered a bowl of most welcomed food.

"None of the back yards have a back entrance and this particular yard had steep walls” said Inspector O’Donovan, “Clearly the little ginger kitten had been off on an adventure and either fell or jumped into the yard. There was no way for him to climb back out and he was stuck there for several days with no food until we received the call".

Despite every effort the cat’s owner was not located. It would seem that Carlos is one of the countless kittens born from the many un-neutered cats in Ireland’s feline population.


Inspector O’Donovan added “He was more than likely being fed, along with other cats in the area by kind locals. However, it’s sad to see these animals that have not been neutered roaming the city and counties, continuously breeding and finding themselves in dangerous situations. We would urge all cat owners to be responsible and neuter their pets."

Carlos was neutered and rehomed with a loving family in the weeks following his rescue.

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