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Pig in the City

The ISPCA National Animal Helpline recently received an unusual call regarding a pig that was being kept in the back garden of a housing estate in Cork. On responding, Inspector Lisa O'Donovan did indeed find a 14 week old pig named Wilbur living in the garden.


The animal had been bought for a small amount of money from a newspaper advertisement. The seller had met the buyer in a petrol station, handed them the sack and departed. When the new owners realized a few days later that they were unable to cater for its needs, the seller refused to take the animal back.

Pigs have special requirements and are very intelligent so a back garden certainly is not a suitable environment. They need to be cared for by experienced people who are able to cater for all their requirements.


The ISPCA are continuously advising people to practice responsible pet ownership and to never purchase an animal from the back of a vehicle or on the side of the road.

Wilbur was surrendered to Inspector O'Donovan and removed to the ISPCA rescue centre.

"We would encourage people to think about an animal’s needs and requirements before they bring it home" stated Inspector O'Donovan, "Pigs, while they can make good pets, are certainly not designed to live in a back garden. People who wish to consider such animals in a domestic environment should contact the Department of Agriculture who will advise on the legislation and requirements. Wilbur was lucky that his owners made the correct decision for his welfare. There are so many others that would not have made the same decision."

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