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Leroy the puppy was only one third the size of his siblings when rescued by the ISPCA

Leroy the puppy was one of several dogs removed from a breeding establishment in Co. Cork recently by ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan. Leroy, a harrier hound, was only one third of the size of his siblings, underweight and was scratching incessantly at his skin. Upon veterinary examination, Leroy was found to have a very active infestation of sarcoptic mange, but blood tests revealed no underlying reason for the puppy’s poor body condition and small size.

Inspector O’Donovan said, “The poor little dog was grossly underweight, and less than two thirds the size he should have been. We suspect the reason for his size was the fact that he was so uncomfortable and was losing condition. It was heart breaking to hear him continuously crying from the discomfort.”

Fortunately, Leroy has made a spectacular recovery and has gained the weight he desperately needed. He has finally also been able to show his fantastic personality.

(Leroy at the ISPCA National Animal Centre following his treatment.)

A number of west highland terriers and pugs were also removed, suffering with skin conditions. The dogs had sore patches on their skin and intensely matted coats. Some of the pigmentation on the skin had blackened due to on-going lack of vet attention.

Inspector O’Donovan continued, “There is no excuse for this level of neglect. The ISPCA feels very strongly about the conditions within sub-standard breeding establishments, and we will not stop until better standards are in place.”

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