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Jude and Misty

Hey Jude, play Misty for me

Meet Misty and Jude, two St. Bernard dogs rescued by ISPCA Chief Inspector Conor Dowling in the Wicklow area. Misty, a female aged 2 ½ years, and her 4 year old male companion were both underweight. More urgently however, Misty had an infected wound that extended all the way around her right hind leg.

Misty was immediately surrendered to the ISPCA and taken for veterinary attention. While the wound was relatively recent it was deep in places and already infected. Misty was sedated so that the area could be clipped and cleaned and she was put on antibiotics to help her fight the infection.

Due to inadequate fencing around the property where she was living Misty had been straying. The injury occurred while she was wandering and while it is impossible to pin-point the cause, it would appear that something became wrapped around the leg.

Jude was also signed over to the ISPCA and both dogs have been taken to the National Animal Centre in Keenagh, Co. Longford. When they have fully recovered they will be made available for rehoming.

Chief Inspector Dowling commented “I am relieved to have removed these dogs from that situation before their condition worsened further. I am certain that, without our intervention, Misty would not have received the veterinary care that she badly needed”.

Update 27th January 2012

We are delighted to report that Misty has recovered very well, and as evident from the photograph below the wound on the leg is almost fully healed.

Jude has a home already lined up and will be joining his new family shortly. Misty will soon be available for adoption when she completes her recovery and is neutered.  We need an adopter with experience of large breeds, especially Saint Bernard’s. If you think you can meet Misty's needs please contact us on 043 3325035 option 2 for re homing or email:  

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