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ISPCA Rescues Abandoned Kitten

ISPCA Inspector Lisa O'Donovan responded to a call concerning the alleged abandonment of a kitten between Innishannon and Bandon in Co. Cork to discover a traumatised tabby and white kitten cowering near the side of the busy N71.

On investigation Inspector O’Donovan spoke to the owner of a takeaway cafe who had seen a car slowly pull into the area and something being thrown from the window. It was only after the car had pulled away that he noticed the kitten moving away from the area. Unfortunately, by then, it was too late to take notice of the registration of the vehicle.

The kitten, which was aged 4 -5 months, was very nervous and proved difficult to catch, but she finally gave into hunger and responded to the lure of food. Little “Chipper”, as she was nicknamed, was taken for a veterinary check up where she was found to be in good health and thankfully without injury.

She has since been taken into the care of the ISPCA. "Chipper has responded to gentle and caring approaches" remarked Inspector O'Donovan "She certainly is not a wild cat but her ordeal has lead her to mistrust. She really wants to be sociable but her nervousness is slowing her down. However, she has made remarkable progress in a matter of days and will make a beautiful pet for someone who is kind and patient."

Rescued Kitten

It is sad to say that, in this day and age, we are still coming across situations like this one. Without the kindness of the man who reported the incident and the response of the ISPCA, this kitten would have more than likely have starved to death or been hit by a passing car on this busy road.

Chief Inspector Conor Dowling stated “No animal should be allowed to suffer like this. Abandonment is a form of cruelty and is a crime. Unfortunately, the only detail we have on the vehicle involved is that it was a blue Volvo. We would appeal to anybody who may have more information to contact us in confidence on Lo-Call 1890 515 515.

The ISPCA believes that responsible pet ownership would help to avoid situations like this arising in the first place. Having cats neutered as soon as they are of age reduces the numbers of unwanted kittens and lessens the amount of suffering and hardship caused to cats.

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