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ISPCA rescue dogs living in horrendous conditions

On 7th December 2015, ISPCA Inspectors Alice Lacey and David Walsh visited a property in South Tipperary where they discovered five dogs living in horrendous conditions.

Three adult dogs and two puppies were surrendered to the care of the ISPCA and removed from the site.

The dogs, a saluki, a lab cross and a Pomeranian, and two lab cross puppies, were being kept in two pens with no access to food or water and no dry bedding available.

All five dogs were underweight and the puppies were suffering with heavy worm burdens. The Pomeranian had a severely matted coat, and all five were very wet and covered in mud.

ISPCA Inspector Lacey said: “The conditions these dogs were being kept in were completely unacceptable. The pens were filthy and the dogs were clearly uncomfortable and underweight. We are relieved to have removed them before conditions worsened in the winter months, when they would have been very vulnerable with no food, water or dry bedding where they could escape the elements.”

The dogs and puppies are all receiving necessary vet treatment in ISPCA care and will be available for rehoming as soon as they are fit and healthy.

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