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ISPCA intervene in another case of hoarding

“It’s hard to accept when someone tells you that they love their animals and you are looking around at squalor”. Those were the words of ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan after she visited at a property in West Cork and found 30 dogs living in horrendous conditions.

Some dogs were in poor condition and others were tethered or confined in dirty conditions. An Akita was tied and muzzled with no access to shelter. Many of the dogs were not socialised and very few had access to fresh drinking water.
“What I find unacceptable” added Inspector O’Donovan “is when people stand there and tell me they love their animals, and yet they see nothing wrong with the conditions in which they are kept. Animal husbandry was non-existent here. There were no feeding or drinking bowls and no suitable bedding supplied for these animals. It’s an absolute disgrace and intolerable.”

All of the dogs that were confined and tied were removed by the ISPCA and received veterinary treatment for mange. Inspector O’Donovan was horrified to be informed that a Golden Labrador that she thought was old was in fact only about 5 years of age.

There is still a lot of work to be done to remove the remaining animals from this property according to Inspector O’Donovan. “This is a work in progress; we need to find secure safe accommodation for the dogs when we remove them.  It is impossible for our already overflowing centre to facilitate this large number of dogs”.

Now, more than ever, the ISPCA is appealing to the public to consider adopting a dog. “There are many more dogs out there that need our help” said Chief Inspector Conor Dowling “but we are finding it difficult to find space at our centre for these animals that really need to be rescued and rehabilitated”.

“It’s a tremendous relief to have these dogs removed, they have a long road ahead of them to build up their trust and socialise them” added Inspector O’Donovan “but, thankfully, we have very dedicated staff at our National Animal Centre in Longford who are already making great progress with these dogs. There is nothing more fulfilling than to see these misfortunate creatures getting a second chance in life”. Rehome a dog

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