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ISPCA Comes to Aid of Numerous Dogs

Animal hoarding is a complex and intricate public health and community issue whereby a person(s) accumulates more animals than they can properly care for.

A key characteristic of hoarders is their failure to recognise the obvious problems that result in terms of animal welfare, the effect on the living environment, and the negative impact on the life of the individual themselves.

Forced to live in cramped and unsuitable cages.

Unfortunately, the ISPCA encounters people hoarding animals to varying degrees on quite a regular basis. Chief Inspector Conor Dowling came upon such a situation in Co. Laois this week. On responding to a call from a concerned member of the public he found in excess of 20 dogs living in completely unsuitable conditions.

Chief Inspector Dowling commented “These dogs had been accumulated over a period of time and it was clear from the presence of young animals that the numbers were continuing to rise. As more were brought in, any available space was used to house dogs”.

Assisted by the county Dog Warden, Chief Inspector Dowling found dogs living in squalid cages and others spending the vast majority of their lives in small transport containers.  Mr. Dowling added “While the dogs were being fed and they were generally quite healthy, some of the accommodation was truly deplorable”.

Deplorable Accommodation 

The majority of the dogs were surrendered to the care of the ISPCA and further visits will be made to ensure that the welfare of the remaining dogs is maintained at an acceptable level. “These types of situations are not rectified in one visit” said Mr. Dowling “We will need to work with this individual to improve standards further and to ensure that the situation does not escalate again”.

Shocking living conditions

All of the dogs that were removed are now at the ISPCA National Animal Centre and will be available for rehoming after finishing their isolation period.

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