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Cruelty to Horses

A small black pregnant mare was taken in off a public road one night two weeks ago, by a very concerned member of the public.  After contacting the WSPCA Emergency Line for support, the society called a vet to tend to the pony’s injuries. The kind member of public kindly fostered the pony while treatment was administered.

The wounds as the photos show were very severe. A nasty injury to the shoulder, a very deep wound to the knee joint, as well as several abrasions down her leg and shoulder caused a lot of pain to the animal.   A vet attended the night she was found and again the following days but sadly her condition worsened and regrettably she had to be put to sleep.  

The following night a nice bay pony was found abandoned in a farmer's yard in the same area of Taghmon.  The wounds were strikingly similar to that of the mare’s, but he also had a deep wound in the middle of his forehead.  The pony’s wounds had a very nasty discharge and lots of other abrasions covered his body.  Sadly again on humane grounds it was decided to euthanise the suffering animal.

To add to concerns about horses in the Taghmon area, a complaint was made to our office on the 19th Oct that a dead pony was in a farmers field.  The Wexford Inspector visited the field, but the body was gone.  The body was found dumped on the roadside in the same area. The WSPCA's first concern is what is happening to these unfortunate ponies? Secondly who owns them? And thirdly having to put them out of their misery should a local Welfare voluntary organisation have to pay fees for the disposal of these unfortunate ponies while their owners get off scot-free?  Any information that can help us find out who owned these ponies would be greatly appreciated.  Call 053-9143919 WSPCA



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