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Collie with Damaged Leg Rescued

Following a call to the ISPCA Confidential Helpline, Inspector Lisa O’Donovan arrived at a property in Cork to find a young collie with a malformed leg. The dog, “Tim”, was taking weight on his wrist instead of the damaged paw. The skin around the area was sore and infected. On closer examination it was seen that the nails were very long with some even curling around and piercing the pad.

Inspector O’Donovan established that Tim had been involved in a road traffic accident a year previous and the owners had failed to provide veterinary treatment as they could not afford to do so. The dog was surrendered to the care of the ISPCA and brought to the National Animal Centre in Keenagh, Co. Longford. The damage to his leg could not be rectified so, once the infection had cleared, the malformed leg was surgically amputated.

Tim is a young dog, with great mobility, and there is no reason whatsoever that he cannot live a full happy life. Despite his ordeal he can walk and run as fast as any other dog. When fully recuperated Tim will be available for adoption.

“There is no excuse for keeping a dog in this condition” stated Inspector O’Donovan, “When people find themselves unable to afford important veterinary attention, they should arrange to have animals surrendered to organisations that are there to help. Tim was suffering due to lack of consideration and gross neglect. Thankfully he has a bright promising future ahead of him.”

A file has been prepared and sent to the Garda.

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