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Blackwater Sub-Aqua Club help ISPCA rescue a trapped swan

ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan was recently alerted to the presence of a young swan in a portion of the Blackwater River in Fermoy, Co. Cork.

Inspector O’Donovan monitored the swan for several days, but the decision was made that the swan was too young and inexperienced to escape where it had become trapped.

Pictured: Dave Carey,  Noel Hayes,   Matt Culloty,  Olan O’Farrell, Eugene Whelan,  Mossie Carroll and ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan.

The Blackwater Sub-Aqua Club kindly offered their valuable time and assistance to Inspector O’Donovan to catch the swan to move her to safety. The ISPCA would like to sincerely thank Blackwater Sub Aqua Club for their invaluable help with the rescue.

The swan was brought to the vet for examination and it was discovered that while she had no injuries, she was severely underweight.

ISPCA Inspector O’Donovan said, “The young swan will now be rehabilitated in a wildlife sanctuary. We are very pleased with the outcome and are extremely grateful to the Blackwater Sub Aqua men for immediately responding and bringing the situation to a successful and safe conclusion.”

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