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Bengie Rescued from Misery

Following a call from a concerned member of the public regarding a dog in distress, ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan arrived at a property in North cork. It was an extremely wet day and had been raining heavily since early morning.

On arrival at the property she found a Collie type dog standing on a small concrete verge, soaking wet and covered in mud. The mature male dog was shivering and shaking. On further investigation it was discovered that, even though there was a make shift kennel, the dog could not access it. The garden was waterlogged and there was no other shelter available to him.

“These conditions are totally unsuitable for a dog”, commented Inspector O’Donovan. “We are having a very wet winter and dogs living outside should be provided with dry places to shelter and not be forced to endure living in such conditions. If people cannot facilitate animals in their care with even just the basic needs, then they should endeavour to look for more suitable homes. ”

The dog was removed from the property with the assistance of Gardai and brought to a local Veterinary hospital for attention.

Subsequently, Bengie, a 10 year old collie cross, was surrendered to the care of the ISPCA and will soon be available for adoption.

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