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A New Start for Jess

When Chief Inspector Conor Dowling first saw Jess she was tethered to a pole by a short chain with no shelter or bedding, food or water. It was raining and poor Jess was shivering. She was also visibly undernourished.

Poor living conditions for an animal

Having made contact with Jess’ owner, Chief Inspector Dowling secured her surrender and she was taken into the care of the ISPCA. The individual in question was warned with regard to their future behaviour.

Jess is now spending her isolation period in the ISPCA National Animal Centre after which she will be available for rehoming. She is quite nervous but very gentle and it is hoped that, with a little TLC, she will become more trusting. Even within a few days she has gained a considerable amount of weight.

Chief Inspector Dowling stated “Thankfully, we were able to get Jess to safety before the weather worsened and before her physical condition became too serious. We are grateful to the person who reported her for making contact with us”.

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