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13 dogs rescued from horrifying conditions in Co. Cork

ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan recently visited a property in North-West Cork where she made a horrifying discovery. Inspector O’Donovan found 13 dogs living in terrible conditions locked in sheds and trailers.

The dogs, nine greyhounds and four German shepherds, were standing in inches of their own faeces and dirt. There was no clean water available to the dogs, and they were all extremely underweight. Three deceased dogs were also discovered on the property.

Inspector O’Donovan said, “The conditions these dogs were living in were horrendous. The smell was shocking, and the dogs were completely un-socialised. It was a long difficult task removing them safely. It’s difficult to try and get your head around how someone could force the poor dogs to live like this.”

The dogs were transported to the ISPCA Equine Rescue Centre in Mallow, Co. Cork to receive the vet treatment they desperately needed. The four German Shepherds were later transferred to the ISPCA National Animal Centre for rehoming. Two of the greyhounds have already been rehomed, and the further 7 are still seeking loving, understanding homes.

Greyhounds make fantastic pets as they do not require very much exercise, have short hair and tend not to shed as much as longer haired breeds. Their low maintenance nature makes them an ideal companion for older people, city dwellers, or other people looking for a sweet, laid back dog. 

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