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Terrified pups, Willie & Wilbur found in deplorable conditions

Early October, Inspector James McCormack did a spot check at a location where dogs had been mistreated previously. He found Willie and Wilbur as they’ve since been named. The pups were visibly underweight and living in deplorable conditions without adequate water, food or bedding. Both had raw, open wounds from where their tails should have been.  

Thankfully, under the Animal Health and Welfare Act, ISPCA inspectors have the power to seize any animal in distress. The inspector immediately took the pups to get the emergency veterinary treatment they so desperately needed.

Pups Wilbur & Willie being transported to the Vets.


The Vet told us, that the pups would have been only a few weeks old when their tails were cruelly cut off. This illegal ‘tail docking’ was done purely for cosmetic reasons, causing unnecessary pain and suffering. Now almost 3 months old, Willie & Wilbur’s wounds were still painfully infected and they were also starving. Their BCS (Body Condition Score) was one of the lowest the Vet had ever given. 


After such a cruel start, these little chaps are now taking their first few steps on a long road to recovery.  Wilbur has a piece of vertebrae protruding from the wound left by his cruel tail docking. He is still too weak so will remain on antibiotics until he is strong enough for the exposed bone to be corrected surgically. For now, both are safe in the loving care of the ISPCA. 

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