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Young spaniel dumped in the wood

It’s hard at times to understand how cruel people can be. This young dog was taken to a remote path deep in the woods. He was tied to a tree with a piece of old rope and left there. Without food or water, with no way to fend for himself. 

Thankfully, a young family came across him and rang us immediately. Concerned that they had no means to secure the dog and having ascertained that he was not in any immediate danger, I advised them not to release the young spaniel. Scared and frightened, he might run deeper into the woods putting himself more at risk. I was close by so I rushed there quickly and gently securing him, gave him a drink before taking him for a thorough check-up. 

His sad eyes kept looking down the path for the owner who had so cruelly left him there.  

The Vet said Basil, as he’s since been named, was barely a year old. He was severely dehydrated and underweight so had probably been there for a day or two. Otherwise, he was ok. I dread to think what might have happened to this sweet young spaniel if it weren’t for the kind person who called the ISPCA.

Basil might not have survived without that call to our National Animal Cruelty Helpline and the love and care of ISPCA supporters making it possible to be there for him.

Basil was brought to the safety of one of our rescue centres to recover. One day, he stuck his head out and picked his new owners himself as they walked around the centre. They told us that he was very nervous at first. After a few weeks, there’s still a little shudder every once in a while, but mostly he’s a very happy little chap who is walked morning, noon, and night.


Kind donations from supporters help to rescue abandoned and neglected animals like Basil so that they too can recover and get the loving home they deserve. A home where the unconditional love they give is returned in full. If you are able to help, please visit  www.ispca.ie/donate


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