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Woman (89) previously banned from owning animals sentenced to 10 months for animal cruelty

5th October 2023

Reflecting on the case, ISPCA Senior Inspector Fiona Conlon commented “This has been a prolonged and frustrating case due to the defendant’s ongoing refusal to comply with instructions, including a court order, to stop keeping animals.




















But the ISPCA, Gardai, and Ann Cooke (from Kildare Animal Foundation) have persevered because many animals have suffered at the hands of this woman and she needs to be stopped. Regardless of her age, she has to comply with the law just the same as anyone else. I was asked in court by the defence solicitor whether I thought their client should be living in those conditions, my response was that she had a choice but the animals did not”.



















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Kildare Nationalist

Sunday World

This National Animal Week we urge you to take a stand against cruelty like this and say Cruelty No More! The animals from this case have thankfully been rescued and since rehomed but tragically, many more are still living in a world of cruelty and neglect. Please donate now and make a difference in the lives of animals on its way to a new and happy life.

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