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Will you be a voice for abused animals?

Dogs like Molly and Max can’t tell us about their pain or suffering. Please be their voice by supporting our helpline appeal.

Molly and Max are two dogs rescued by ISPCA Animal Welfare Inspector, Alice Lacey. They were found in a filthy pen where they were forced to live miserable lives – suffering and in pain - without adequate food or water.


Both dogs were underweight and in a bad way, but Molly’s hips, backbone and ribcage were all painfully visible. The vet confirmed that Molly was severely emaciated and probably wouldn’t have survived for very much longer. Her poor ears were weighed down with matted dreadlocks and her entire body was covered in ticks. Thankfully, because of the ISPCA’s generous supporters, we were able to save her. All because of that one call to our helpline.

Sadly, there are many more neglected and mistreated animals that need help. Every month, the ISPCA receive over a thousand calls from worried animal lovers about abused dogs, cats, equines, farm animals and wild animals too.

As you can see, Molly is now living her best life, enjoying the fresh air and the great outdoors. She’s healthy, content and full of so much affection. Everything changed for Molly, and for Max too, because of a call from a member of the public to the ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline.

Molly and Max are now safe and happy in their new homes. Their former owner has been banned from owning pets for years to come.  That’s because of compassionate animal lovers who keep the ISPCA on the frontline against animal cruelty in Ireland. Together, we can continue to be a voice for mistreated animals, to rescue them and find them loving new homes, and to help prosecute those who cause them harm.

If you can, please be a voice for abused animals and make a kind donation to our helpline appeal here

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