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When times are tight, animals are often the first to feel the pinch….

Ireland may be facing tough times but for many of our animals, the credit crunch is now casting a shadow of suffering and neglect.  As an ISPCA supporter you know how vital our work is, but the challenge is enormous and we urgently need your help.  By donating to the ISPCA you will directly support our front line services and save many animals from a miserable fate.

Abandoned pets, horses left without fodder, stray dogs – our animals are in crisis and demands on the ISPCA are at their highest ever.  Tough economic times have greatly increased the number of abandoned animals; our rescue centres have never been busier.  It is becoming commonplace for healthy family pets to be cast off, victims of a new unaffordable lifestyle.  Equine welfare calls to our helpline have doubled in 8 months!  Add in a disastrous summer for hay yields and we are facing a winter of severe deprivation where starving and neglected animals will become familiar sights on our streets.  We cannot let this happen!

ISPCA animal welfare and rescue services totally depend on public donations.  We are ready to meet the challenges this winter will bring and we want you to stand shoulder to shoulder with us.  We know times are hard, but you know how loving and loyal your pets are.  Help us ensure that Ireland remains a country where animals are valued and respected, not neglected or abandoned when times get tougher.  Your donation will help the ISPCA save and rehome animals that are suffering now!

Please support us today.

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