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Update on Dog Breeding Legislation

The Greyhound Welfare Bill was passed by the Senate and has now completed all Oireachtas stages. All that is required now is for it to be signed by the President. Hopefully, this will be done by President McAleese before Friday or, failing that, by our incoming President next week.

The completion of this bill will pave the way for the simultaneous signing of the Commencement Orders for both the Greyhound Welfare Act and the long awaited Dog Breeding Establishment Act which the Government assured us will happen.

The implementation of this legislation is essential to allow the authorities to tackle the scurge that is puppy farming in Ireland which has been so damaging to the reputation of the country in recent years.

The ISPCA would like to thank everybody who has supported us in our campaign on this issue. We now ask for your continued support by sharing this news with as many people as possible.

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