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Tipperary man convicted of cruelty for keeping dogs in appalling conditions

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES MAY BE UPSETTING Unfortunately this is the reality of what ISPCA Inspectors encounter on a regular basis

On 22nd March 2017 in Tipperary District Court, a man with an address at Ardane, Bansha, Co Tipperary was fined €1,750 for cruelty to animals and ordered to pay €1,600 in costs.

The case related to a visit made by ISPCA Inspector Alice Lacey to the defendant’s property on Monday 9th November 2015 when she discovered a number of German Shepherd type dogs living in deplorable conditions. One pregnant female dog was chained to a tractor without access to shelter or water. Five German Shepherd cross puppies were in a filthy pen without access to shelter or water. Another female German Shepherd was chained inside a pen. Upon inspection the chain was found to be extremely heavy, weighing over eight kilograms, and was wrapped several times around a heavy plank of wood making it impossible for the dog to move. The chain was embedded in the dog’s neck and required bolt cutters to remove it.  Numerous bones, including a skull, from various animal types were found throughout the property.  

Inspector Lacey described to the court how the living conditions of the dogs were “appalling”.  She said that, in her opinion, the 8.6 kilogram chain embedded in the neck of the female German Shepherd dog must have been there for a considerable length of time to inflict such damage.  The dog did not have the freedom to express normal behaviour.  The dog chained to the tractor was also heavily pregnant and produced a litter of puppies within a few days of being removed from the property.

Inspector Lacey seized all dogs and puppies, 12 in total, and with the support of Waterford SPCA arranged transport for immediate veterinary attention.

ISPCA Lacey said, “This case highlights the responsibility that pet owners have a legal responsibility to provide appropriate care for the animals in their care in all circumstances.”

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Thanks to ISPCA affiliated member Waterford SPCA for co-funding an animal welfare Inspector to cover Waterford and South Tipperary.  Without this support, the ISPCA could not have increased our coverage to 17 counties in Ireland.  Please find our Inspectorate Report 2016 here where two of the cases highlighted were initiated by Inspector Lacey who was employed by Waterford SPCA before joining the ISPCA in 2015

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