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Terrible Animal Cruelty

'The most appalling scene ever witnessed', described Kathleen from Cavan SPCA who has been helping animals for a number of years.

The puppies which were around 12 weeks of age had been drowned prior to being dumped along a very busy road in the Gannons Cross area of Cavan.

At the age the puppies were drowned, they would have been full of fun and mischief and would have fought very hard to stay alive in the water.  The sheer number of dead pups, all of similar age and size suggests that they came from more than one litter, but it is not rare for large dogs to have very sizeable litters.

Katheen commented that 'It defies belief that the owner could not have the pups put humanely to sleep by a vet or contacted us for help before inflicting such a gruesome death on the puppies.  Every creature deserves a bit of dignity in death'.  Drowning is a very agonising and painful death for pups and kittens, it can take a long time for their lungs to fill with water.

To report cruelty to animals, please call in the strictest of confidence the National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515.

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