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Pups abandoned in a box at the side of a busy road

A few days ago, five Collie cross pups were rescued from the side of a busy road and brought to the ISPCA National Animal Centre. With every passing second, the pups risked toppling over the flimsy cardboard box that contained them. Too young to fend for themselves, or to know that they were in danger, they jostled and played with each other. Just a few feet from the speeding traffic, their short lives could have ended before they’d barely begun.


The person who left them there had taken a cruel risk that they would be found quickly. 

Their innocent young lives were in danger with every passing second.


Apart from a heavy worm burden, all were in good health but are only about 10 weeks old and still a little young to have been separated from their mother. They will receive all their vaccinations and get neutered or spayed when old enough. These playful pups will now have a happy future thanks to the love and care that kind donations from wonderful ISPCA supporters make possible. 

The pups - three boys Sean, Brendan and Gaza; and the two girls Stephanie and Michelle -  are now safe, warm and fed, thanks to love like yours. 


Sadly, we are seeing more and more cases of abandoned pups and dogs post-COVID and during the cost of living crisis. Whether from cruel breeders who can’t sell them as quickly as before, or from owners who are no longer willing or able to care for them. We cannot turn our back on innocent animals and need the support of animal lovers more than ever before. A kind donation will help the ISPCA continue to rescue and care for neglected and abandoned animals like these puppies and find them loving homes. If you can, please donate online at 


Right now, our rescue centres across Ireland are full of animals in need of loving homes. If you have a place in your heart and your home for one of these, please visit or call our rehoming co-ordinator, Laura, on 043 3325035. If you are not in a position to adopt or foster yourself, you can still help by encouraging friends and family to do so. Please #ShareIfYouCare.

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