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Please keep your pets safe during storm Brendan

13th January 2020

The ISPCA is asking pet owners to ensure their animals are safely indoors following a Status Orange Alert issued by Met Eireann as storm Brendan approaches.

With strong winds and heavy rain forecasted, animals can get easily distressed.

The ISPCA strongly recommends that you keep your pets securely indoors. 

Cats in particular are great at finding warm spots to sleep, but sometimes these can be dangerous. They often take shelter under the bonnet of a car, so make sure to bring them in and always check for sleeping cats before you drive off.

Check inside sheds and other outdoor structures as they may have taken shelter there and become locked inside and also check doors and gates after the storm for any damages. 

Larger animal including horses and farm animals should be brought inside in a secure stable or shed, so that they are shielded from heavy rain and flooding, and kept safely away from falling trees and flying debris.

It is important your pets are microchipped as a permanent form of identification should they escape. 

If your pet should escape, contact your local pound, animal rescue centres and local vet, in the event they have picked it up.  Stay safe!

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