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Please Don’t Leave Your Dog in The Car

Even leaving your car in the shade with the windows open slightly, it  is still very dangerous to leave your pet in the car; as the sun moves during the day and temperatures can rapidly increase. The heat (even with light cloud in the sky) can quickly turn your car into an oven and can cause your pet to get heat stroke or even death.  Another area to bear in mind is not to leave your dogs in conservatories, greenhouses or other small buildings with a large number of glass windows and no ventilation. Please be made aware to be extra careful with dogs more prone to over – heating.  This includes dogs that are overweight, older or have lung or heart disease as their respiratory system is already suppressed.  The breeds with the, squashed nose, head shape such as bulldogs, pugs and shih tzus also need to be kept cool for the same reason.

If you do see an animal trapped in a hot vehicle please take down the registration number and contact An Garda Síochána or the National Animal Helpline.

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