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Pedigree to Launch Dog Adoption Drive Campaign

Pedigree to Launch Dog Adoption Drive Campaign

The ISPCA is delighted to support the Pedigree Dog Adoption Drive. The campaign is designed to raise public awareness about the plight of stray and abandoned dogs in Ireland. The drive will also highlight the work of organisations such as the ISPCA who care for and re-home many abandoned and unwanted animals on a daily basis.

Throughout the course of the campaign, Pedigree will donate 2c for every food product purchased throughout the first three months of the year, with the aim of donating €100,000 to dog welfare and re-homing organisations. Another key element of the campaign is the promotion of responsible dog ownership

Irish rugby international Gordon D'Arcy, will lend his support in helping to make a difference to the welfare of Irish dogs. Gordon, who has always been a huge dog lover, was shocked to hear about the amount of unwanted dogs in Ireland and that, as a nation, we have some of the worst dog destruction figures in Europe. If you would like to support this campaign, please visit for the many ways you can help.

The ISPCA wants to find homes for the many neglected and unwanted dogs we have in our care. We will be highlighting a "dog a day" on the Gerry Ryan Show on 2FM throughout the month of January in the hope of finding them a good and loving home.

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