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Live Export International Awareness Day

14th June 2020

On this Live Export International Awareness Day, the ISPCA renews calls for a ban on the live export of cattle to non-EU countries, including Algeria, Libya and Turkey.

To-date in 2020, over 10,000 live cattle have been exported to non-EU countries, up almost 40% on the same period in 2019.

The ISPCA believes that if livestock is to be slaughtered that it is done as close to the point of production as possible and exported on the hook not the hoof.

The Irish government should work with the EU Commission to build capacity for importing countries to import carcasses instead of live exports. We also call on the government to halt and reverse the unsustainable increase in the Irish dairy herd. This year 1.9 million dairy calves have been registered, an increase of 53,000 on last year.

Of these, approximately 950,000 will be male with 250,000 unwanted and ear-marked for live export to EU countries including the Netherlands, France and Spain for the cruel white veal industry. To date in 2020, over 160,000 calves have been exported. Due to COVID19, the veal industry has collapsed and live exports have reduced by almost 25%, but only to result in a 30% increase in the number of 14 day old calves sent for slaughter.

The ISPCA calls on the Irish government to review its strategy on live exports and only export meat products on the hook, not the hoof.

The ISPCA’s animal welfare policies on farmed animals can be found here.

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