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Laois Man Convicted of Cruelty to Two Boxer Dogs

A Laois man who allowed his two pet Boxer dogs to starve to death on his property, has been jailed for 5 months and banned from ever owning an animal.

The Judge at Portlaoise District Court heard, on 27th February 2009, that the two boxer dogs died from starvation and were left for up to 10 days before being discovered by ISPCA Inspector Brendan Hughes.

Inspector Hughes told the court he called to an address in Portlaoise, after receiving a complaint directed from the ISPCA National Cruelty Helpline.  The bodies of a male and a female dog were found lying in a small kennel in the back garden of the property.  Both animals were in a state of decomposition. Inspector Hughes commented, “The female boxer weighed just 10kg, which is underweight for an animal that can be expected to weigh as much as 26kg.”


The father-of-three had pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals, permitting a carcass to remain unburied, and having no dog licence.
ISPCA Inspector Hughes said the accused told him, he last fed the dogs on December 9th 2007 and that when he came back from a trip to Dublin on December 12th 2007 they were dead.  The accused also told Inspector Hughes he believed the dogs had been poisoned, but the post mortem had shown there was no poison in their system and that they had died from starvation.


Judge Gerard Haughton said the accused consciously neglected the dogs; he knew he had them in his care and did not feed them.  The Judge jailed the accused for five-months and banned him from ever owning an animal, on the charge of cruelty and the other two offences taken into consideration.


ISPCA Inspector Hughes said "Animal owners have a responsibility to provide appropriate care and attention for their animals. Failure to provide that care can have serious repercussions as we saw in court.”

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