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Kildare man convicted of animal cruelty offences to two boxer dogs


A Co. Kildare man has been sentenced to eight months imprisonment and fined €5,000 after being convicted of animal welfare offences in relation to two boxer dogs.

The man pleaded guilty in Naas District Court on Monday 5th November 2018 to two counts of animal cruelty relating to the dogs which were kept at a premises in Robertstown.

The case originated after an ISPCA Inspector visiting the Co. Kildare property in January 2017 discovered the two boxer dogs in an extremely poor physical state and living in deplorable conditions.

ISPCA Rescued boxer Ace
ISPCA rescued Boxer Artie

The ISPCA immediately seized both dogs and transported them to the National Animal Centre in Co. Longford where they received the veterinary treatment and rehabilitation they desperately required. The dogs were extremely emaciated and upon examination a vet confirmed that they were suffering from severe malnutrition with their ribs and vertebrae visibly protruding. One dog had lesions along its back and hind legs, severely overgrown nails, and the tip of his tail had been damaged and was bleeding intermittently. The other dogs had dark discharge and scabs on its ears, its teeth were worn down and there was also evidence of chronic gingivitis.

ISPCA Ace Boxer's teeth when rescued

Veterinary Surgeon Ann Neville outlined the condition of the dogs to the court, describing the animals as “near death”. Photographs taken at the time were handed into the court for consideration by the Judge.

Judge Desmond Zaidan imposed two consecutive four-month terms of imprisonment (eight months in total) and fined the man a total of €5,000 with twelve months to pay. The Judge also awarded the costs of the investigation in the sum of €2,400, including veterinary costs, to the Minister.

ISPCA Chief Inspector Conor Dowling said: “The conditions these dogs were kept in is simply shocking.  There is no excuse and failure to provide the basic level of care for these dogs was just not acceptable and will not be tolerated. The ISPCA  will do all that we can to improve the welfare for all animals in Ireland and members of the public should continue to report animal welfare concerns to the ISPCA by contacting the National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515 or report cruelty online in confidence”

The dogs, later named Ace and Artie, made a full recovery and were also rehomed together where they are enjoying life in a fabulous new home in Dundrum, Co. Dublin. 

This is one of a number of cases involving the cooperation between the ISPCA and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

The ISPCA would like to remind pet owners of their legal responsibility to provide for the welfare needs of the animals in their care under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013.

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