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It’s National Bring Your Dog To Work Day today!

26th June 2020

Today is national ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ but for many of us working from home, which has become the new norm, our pets have been our new work colleagues.

Our four-legged friends have grown accustomed to spending all day with us during lockdown providing comfort and no doubt entertainment during zoom meetings.

The best part of working from home is that every day is bring your pet to work day and to celebrate, we would love to see photos of your furry pet co-workers helping out in your home office!

As we prepare to return to normal working routines, it is important our pets have time to adjust to this change in routine too.  Dogs in particular are social animals so they will have enjoyed spending extra quality time with you, so we have prepared some tips and advice.

Pet tips and advice when returning to normal working:

  • Introduce gradual positive changes to what your daily routine will be by introducing reward-based training to return your pet to a new routine.
  • Slowly decrease the amount of belly rubs and playtime during working time and increase the time they spend on their own.
  • Giving your pet an interactive chew toy such as a Kong to help occupy them and relieve boredom.
  • Try limiting interaction time with your pet by working from a separate room for short periods of time and building up slowly leaving the radio on for some background noise.
  • Ask a dog walker, family member or friend to walk and care for your pet and start leaving the house and building up to longer durations.

If your pet shows signs of distress, you should contact a pet behaviourist or vet for further advice. 

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