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ISPCA welcomes statement from Veterinary Ireland on the welfare of wild animals in travelling circus

The ISPCA welcomes the recent statement released by Veterinary Ireland Animal Welfare Committee on 29th July 2016 regarding the use of wild animals in circuses:

“Veterinary Ireland is of the opinion that the physical and psychological needs of wild animals cannot be met in travelling circus environments.”

Veterinary Ireland have formed this opinion after their welfare committee “examined the evidence on the health and welfare of wild animals kept in travelling circuses” as part of a review of their Policies including reviewing public consultations (including the recent public consultation in Scotland), the recent Welsh government report, and “evaluating this evidence against the scientific studies and research which have been carried out on the health and welfare of these species in a zoo environment over the last 10 years.” Veterinary Ireland’s statement is also in line with the policy of the British Veterinary Association and the Federation of Veterinarians in Europe.

Veterinary Ireland’s  statement comes less than two weeks following the publication of the new Welsh government report, ‘The welfare of wild animals in travelling circuses’, which found that, “The available scientific evidence indicates that captive wild animals in circuses and other travelling animal shows do not achieve their optimal welfare requirements, as set out under the Animal Welfare Act 2006** and the evidence would therefore support a ban on using wild animals in travelling circuses and mobile zoos on animal welfare grounds.”

Dublin City Council also recently became the 15th local council in Ireland to ban wild animal circuses from public land when they voted on the motion on 25th July 2016. The ISPCA believes that the evidence that travelling circuses cannot adequately provide for the physical and psychological welfare of wild animals and  is renewing calls to the Irish government to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses nationwide and consign this cruel and out-dated practice to the history books.

You can sign our petition calling for a ban on the use of wild animal circuses here, as well as read our report and other additional information.

**Animal Health & Welfare Act 2013 in Ireland.

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