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ISPCA top tips for keeping your pets safe this Christmas!

21 DECEMBER 2018

Christmas is practically here, and the ISPCA have some tips to make sure that the holiday is safe and enjoyable for your pets. 

Although Christmas costumes are great fun for us, they may not be for our pets, says Carmel Murray, ISPCA Public Relations Manager:  “Only dress up your pet in a costume for Christmas if you know they enjoy it and always make sure the costume allows them to move freely and breathe normally.”

If your pet doesn't enjoy wearing a costume, you can try a festive red collar or bandana instead. 

“Some Christmas costumes and decorations can have small, chewable pieces, or toxic paint or dye so it is important they are not ingested. Foil or plastic wrappers can lead to digestive problems and may require surgery to remove them so prevention is always better than cure”.

Chocolate and raisins are also highly toxic to pets, as are any sweets containing the sugar substitute xylitol. If your pet does ingest something toxic, please contact your vet immediately.

Costumes on people can also be just as scary to pets, and they can be distressing or trigger their territorial instincts.  With lots of festivities taking place over the coming weeks and also additional visitors, it is important our pets are not excluded from the festive cheer.

Consider bringing your dog for some extra walks and spending quality time with them over the Christmas holidays.  It is important you dry their skin and paws thoroughly after a walk, and don’t forget in between the toes! Salt can cause sores to their foot pads and de-icing chemicals are very dangerous if ingested so make sure you remove all residue from their paws.  If you think your pet has ingested any chemicals like anti-freeze, it can be fatal so please contact your vet.

Ensure you keep your dog on a lead at all times.  It is really important your dog is microchipped which has been compulsory by law in Ireland since April 2016. Check your contact details are correct on the microchip database should your pet go missing so you can be easily reunited. You can check your details on the government-approved microchipping databases: (Fido, Animark, Irish Kennel Club or Microdog ID Ltd) or contact your local vet for more information.

This Christmas, please support the ISPCA and donate to our work rescuing, rehabilitating and responsibly rehoming animals from all over Ireland.  Up to 88 per cent of funding received from kind donations from members of the public and gifts in wills so we can continue our work, we need your support more than ever.Visit our donation page today. Thank you! 

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