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ISPCA thanks Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed and his Department for the ex-gratia grant

23rd December 2019

The ISPCA would like to thank Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed and his Department for the ex-gratia grants which have been announced this week..

The ISPCA welcomes the increase in funding to our National Animal Centre in Co. Longford and our Equine Rescue Centre in Co. Cork. We also welcome the contributions to our Inspectorate work in Limerick and our newest animal centre in Co. Donegal. These ex-gratia grants will make a significant contribution to the ISPCA’s work in 2020.

The ISPCA also welcomes the Minister’s announcement that he will introduce legislation on the sale and supply of pets and will publish a Code of Practice for pet shops.

The ISPCA has been calling for such legislation and made a detailed submission to DAFM’s consultation on this issue. We believe that traceability and accountability are vital to ensure that pets are advertised and sold in a way that safeguards their welfare and also protects consumers from rogue breeders.

We will continue to engage with the Minister and his officials to ensure that the legislation is as strong as possible and that it is robustly enforced. We also welcome the news that anybody who sells or supplies more than five animals in a year will be required to register with DAFM and we hope that licensing such sellers or suppliers will follow. Whilst the Code of Practice for Pet Shops is to be welcomed, compliance must be monitored to ensure that the welfare of animals advertised, sold or otherwise supplied is as high as possible We hope that future legislation will prescribe the types of animals that can be kept, bred or sold and that those animals that pose a risk to public health and the environment or that have complex social or environmental needs cannot be kept as pets.

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