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ISPCA rescues Basset hound from a life of misery

23rd March 2020

The ISPCA removed a Basset hound from a property in west Cork following a report made to the National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515 recently.

Responding to the report on a wet and cold day, ISPCA Senior Inspector Lisa O’Donovan discovered a five year old male Bassett Hound dog tied up in a back garden. It was instantly obvious that the dog, named Prince, was in extremely poor body condition with his bones protruding. Prince was immediately taken into ISPCA care and transported to a vet for an examination.  An investigation is continuing.

Senior Inspector Lisa O’Donovan said:  “It was sad and upsetting to see Prince in such poor condition. He was living in a squalor and although there was minimal shelter, there was no bedding provided and he was very emaciated. It’s simply not good enough to tie up a dog and not provide for his basic needs.  Prince was clearly suffering and this is no life for any animal”.

Lisa added:  “Prince wasn’t a cherished pet and when you take on the responsibility of a dog, you have to provide a basic level of care which, was clearly missing therefore action had to be taken.  Prince is now getting all the care and attention he needs and is gaining weight simply from normal feeding ”.

Rescuing animals that have been cruelly treated, neglected and abused is the centre of what we do and once they arrive at our centres, they are cared for and nursed back to health before being responsibly rehomed. 

Prince is currently in veterinary care and once he has recovered, we will be appealing for a new home for him in the coming months.

Our nine Animal Welfare Inspectors are on the frontline responding to emergencies during the Coronavirus crisis and we are continuing to care of Ireland’s most vulnerable animals. Thank you to all our generous supporters for enabling our life-saving work to continue during these difficult times.

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