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ISPCA host online premiere of award-winning film M6NTHS about a piglet on a factory farm

5th FEBRUARY 2019

M6NTHS premiere banner

Marking the start of the Chinese New Year, Year of the Pig, this ISPCA is taking part in hosting the premiere of the award-winning short film, M6NTHS. 

M6NTHS, an award-winning documentary by Eline Helena Schellekens, reveals the suffering that these animals endure by following the life of piglets on factory farms. The film has already won a Panda Award – the most prestigious award for wildlife films.

The unique film will be screened online for two weeks only by several animal welfare organisations in Europe, including the ISPCA, in support of the European Citizen Initiative against caged farming ‘End the Cage Age’. The citizen's initiative is one of the biggest animal welfare campaigns ever, supported by more than 140 organisations throughout Europe.

M6NTHS (12min) is filmed entirely from the point of view of a piglet growing up in a factory farm, without any comments or voice-over. This unique perspective shows the anonymous farm animal, that in the intensive farming industry has been reduced to a product, but remains an individual with emotions and intelligence. It invites the viewer to think about how we treat farm animals. Schellekens made M6NTHS during her studies and in October won the Panda Award for Best Short, also known as a 'Green Oscar.'

The title refers to the age a pig in the intensive farming industry reaches when it goes to slaughter, 6 months. In the wild a pig can live up to ten years.

M6NTHS supports the European Citizen Initiative #EndTheCageAge against caged farming. During two weeks, from 5th February 2019 until 18th February 2019, the film can be viewed here on the ISPCA website. 


Note: The online premiere for M6NTHS has ended. You can view the trailer below. 


Video © Eline Helena Schellekens

Do you also think that farm animals deserve a better life?

Take action and sign the European Citizen Initiative against caged farming. Sign for the animals.

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