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ISPCA has joined the leading European animal welfare advocacy group

The ISPCA recently joined Eurogroup for Animals, the leading animal welfare organisation at EU level. It unites the voices of many leading National and International organisations throughout the EU working actively towards better animal welfare.

Eurogroup for animals was created in the 1980s to improve the welfare of animals across Europe by driving and delivering coordinated advocacy at EU level in support of European animal welfare legislation.

ISPCA CEO Dr Andrew Kelly said: “The ISPCA is delighted to become a member of Eurogroup for Animals and is looking forward to working with like-minded animal welfare organisations across the EU to improve the welfare of all animals in Ireland, Europe and beyond. EU legislation to protect animals is becoming increasingly important for animal welfare in all member states and it is absolutely vital that the ISPCA, as Ireland’s national animal welfare organisation, is a member of such a powerful, forward thinking group working hard in Europe for animals.”

Reineke Hameleers, Director of Eurogroup for Animals commented: “We are extremely happy to welcome the ISPCA within our network. The ISPCA is one of the key actors in Ireland for animal welfare which will harness our joint mission towards better national and EU animal welfare legislation. It is only by uniting animal welfare organisations throughout Europe that we can get our message across at EU level.  In today’s Brexit context, we need more than ever to have the Irish citizens‘ voices represented here in Brussels.”

Eurogroup for Animals joins the forces of 52 member organisations. It is recognised by the European Institutions as the trusted partner for animal welfare and is represented on many EU advisory committees and consultation bodies. Over the years the organisation has succeeded in encouraging the EU to adopt higher legal protection standards for animals.

Eurogroup for Animals expresses the expectations of millions of European citizens across the Union, and has both the scientific and technical expertise to provide authoritative advice on issues relating to animal welfare.

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