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ISPCA had a strong presence at this year’s Ballinasloe Horse Fair, on the 300th anniversary event.

The ISPCA had a strong presence at this year’s Ballinasloe Horse Fair, the 300th anniversary of the event. Inspectors provided a visible presence at the event monitoring animals being offered for sale and providing information and advice to the public.

Chief Inspector Conor Dowling said “Overall, the standard of care of animals was very good and our officers had very positive engagement with traders and with general members of the public who were happy to see us in attendance”.

But the ISPCA still recorded 61 incidents that Inspectors either witnessed themselves or that were reported to them. 10 dogs, 2 ponies, 2 Guinea Pigs, a goat and a chicken were taken into the care of the society over the course of the event.

Chief Inspector Dowling added “With so many people and animals present there are always going to be welfare issues that arise".

"There were a number of issues with handling of animals, some of which led to the removal of the animals involved".

"And a small minority of dogs and small animals offered for sale were not in the condition that they should have been. We also reunited a local runaway dog with its worried owners”.

The ISPCA provides a presence at the fair annually and has seen considerable progress over the years.

“It is 23 years since I first came to Ballinasloe Fair” said Dowling, “and, in some respects, it is unrecognisable from that time".

"We see consistent improvements from an animal welfare perspective year on year and look further to continued engagement with the other stakeholders involved in the organisation and running of the event”.

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