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ISPCA congratulates the Scottish SPCA on recent conviction for puppy trafficking

The ISPCA would like to congratulate the Scottish SPCA on the successful conclusion of their recent case in Scotland where the accused was convicted of puppy trafficking. A Lanarkshire man pled guilty to several offences under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006 (UK legislation) and has received a lifetime ban on owning and keeping animals, as well as a community payback order of 240 hours unpaid work, and been fined £2880.

The case highlights the need for robust sentencing for those involved in the illegal puppy trade. The puppies in this case could have originated in Ireland, as many sold illegally in the UK are, and the ISPCA is calling for authorities here in Ireland to crack down on this cruel trade. The ISPCA and Scottish SPCA, along with the RSCPA, USPCA, DSPCA and various other organizations are currently working together on Operation Delphin to help put a stop to the illegal puppy trade. Through Operation Delphin the ISPCA alone has taken in 40 puppies being illegally transported to the UK, with other welfare groups taking in many more with continued success in stopping the illegal shipments of vulnerable puppies.

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