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ISPCA calls for urgent review of live exports following the death of 120 lambs being exported

The ISPCA is calling for a ban on live exports following the death of 120 lambs on the way to Singapore for ritual slaughter.  They were part of a consignment of 1,704 Irish lambs sent to Singapore at the weekend for the korban, the annual ritual slaughter of livestock held to mark Eid al-Adha, the second major Muslim holiday of the Eid period. Initial findings indicated heat stress was the cause of the deaths.

The ISPCA is completely opposed to live transport, particularly to countries outside the EU where welfare standards do not conform to those of the EU. The ISPCA also recently raised its concerns about the transport of live cattle to Turkey, which is due to commence next week.

Photo by Alan Rossiter  

We are calling on the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed to urgently review live exports and to put a stop to the export of cattle and sheep to countries outside the EU. Apart from the obvious animal welfare and ethical considerations, such exports damage Ireland’s reputation.

As a member of Eurogroup for Animals lobbying for better animal welfare at a European level, the ISPCA will be working with our European partners to end long distance transport of live farm animals to countries outside the EU where slaughter methods may breach EU rules.

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