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ISPCA Call for a Total Ban on Sulky Road Racing

As the Dublin Horse Show gets underway, the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) is highlighting the issue of ‘Sulky Road Racing’ and is calling on authorities for a total ban on this cruel activity.

The practice of training and racing horses and ponies is highly dangerous and can no longer be ignored. The ISPCA states that the dangers imposed by Sulky road racing to innocent road users, participants and the horses used are immense.

Barbara Bent, Chairperson of the ISPCA said, “The lives of innocent road users and those involved in sulky road racing, some as young as ten years old, are at grave risk if this activity, which is motivated by gambling, is permitted to continue.  We maintain that a serious accident, injury or fatality is imminent.”

“The welfare of animals used to engage in this practice is blatantly ignored,” adds Ms Bent.  The ISPCA regularly rescues and treats horses and ponies abandoned and injured from Sulky road racing.

“Trotting must only be done on the correct surface which ensures the least amount of damage to horses.  Driving young horses or ponies flat out at high speed on busy roads and motorways is not only dangerous but is blatant animal abuse.  One trip or stumble can be fatal or cause devastating injuries.  Severe damage to joints at such a young age can leave the animal in chronic pain with permanent immobility.”

The following YouTube clip, recorded in May of this year, highlights the danger, recklessness and outright cruelty of this activity:

The ISPCA is calling for an end to this life-threatening activity.

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