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ISPCA appeals to Fianna Fail to sign Dog Breeding Bill into Law

The ISPCA is today pleading with Fianna Fail Minister Eamon O’Cuiv, as Minister for the Environment, to sign the commencement order on the Dog Breeding Establishment Bill and put an end to the unnecessary suffering endured by puppies and in this country.

Due to come into force in January 2011, the Bill is not yet law due to the commencement order not being signed and today the ISPCA is urging Fianna Fail to sign it without delay and safe the lives of countless puppies and breeding bitches.

ISPCA Chief Inspector Conor Dowling said:  “The breeding bitches in these establishments are living in extremely sub-standard conditions and not receiving the basic care or attention they need and deserve.”

Every day the ISPCA raid puppy farms and see at firsthand the suffering and pain endured by these defenceless puppies in places that should be shut down.  As a nation we pride ourselves on being animal lovers, sadly this is not always the truth and in the work we do at the ISPCA it is an all too familiar scene.  If Eamon O’Cuiv really cared about animal welfare he would sign the commencement order today.

There are far more puppies than the trade needs and as a result conditions in these premises are worse than ever. Overcrowding, older pups mixed with younger ones, fighting for feed, forced to stand in kennels deep in faeces, no bedding, no stimulation, no exercise, no life, no affection or companionship.  This has to stop and Minister O’Cuiv has the power in his hands to stop it.

The disappointment and frustration felt by thousands of animal lovers and those deeply concerned with animal welfare matters is palpable right across the country. The fact that the Dog Breeding Establishment Bill is not yet being in operation creates enormous frustration and needless suffering and the ISPCA is pleading with Eamon O’Cuiv and politicians across all parties to deliver on this most important legislation.

How long more will Ireland continue to be a place of puppy neglect, without regulation, inspection or licensing?  No standards of disease control or bio security, no standards of care or hygiene and no protection for the gullible public who see lovely puppies but never see the unfortunate parents who live the most dreadful lives pumping out litter after litter of puppies. Many of these little puppies have genetic problems; frequently inexperienced buyers end up with inbred puppies, not vaccinated or socialized, and spend years dealing with the financial and emotional issues from such breeding standards or lack of standards.   Every caring animal welfare person across the Country needs this Bill enforced immediately in order to prevent further ongoing cruelty and neglect of numerous puppy farm dogs.

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