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ISPCA announces Mars Ireland partnership

18th June 2019

The ISPCA is delighted to partner with Mars Ireland on the development of an education programme for schools about responsible pet ownership that will help to educate tomorrow’s pet owners.

ISPCA CEO Dr Andrew Kelly said:  “We believe that education is the key to better animal welfare. By promoting responsible pet ownership and including animal welfare on the school curriculum, it will play an important role in reducing the need for intervention, protecting the welfare of tens of thousands of animals in the future.”

Andrew added:  “Pet owners have a legal responsibility under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 (AHWA) to provide for the needs of their animals. Although we see deliberate acts of animal cruelty and neglect, the vast majority of animal welfare cases are the result of a lack of education and understanding of animal welfare needs. By working with Mars Ireland to develop an education programme for young people, we can achieve this.”

Katherine Hogan, Mars Ireland Corporate Affairs Director said:  “We’re looking forward to working with the ISPCA to help create an education programme focussing on responsible pet ownership. We want to educate tomorrow’s pet owners today on the responsible sourcing and care of pets.”

ISPCA PR Manager Carmel Murray and Animal Welfare Inspector Karen Lyons visited Mars Ireland in Dublin recently to talk about the ISPCA’s vital work rescuing, rehabilitating and responsibly rehoming animals and the importance of educating pet owners of tomorrow.

Carmel added:  “Pet ownership is a big commitment that should be taken seriously. With the right knowledge and dedication, pet owners will gain a happy, healthy, well behaved and loving family member. We look forward to working with Mars Ireland and together we hope to achieve results that will have a lasting impact for animals well into the future.”

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