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ISPCA and Born Free Foundation opposes Tayto Park Music Festival

10th June 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The ISPCA and Born Free Foundation are disappointed that Meath County Council has given permission for a music festival at Tayto Park this summer.

The event, which will take place over the weekend of 29th – 30th June has been billed as a family fun fest but it will be no fun for the zoo animals present. The event includes loud music on both nights at times when the animals are normally undisturbed.

Both the ISPCA and Born Free submitted their concerns to Meath County Council, and believe that it is irresponsible to allow this event to go ahead in a zoo on the grounds that the animals within the zoo are highly likely to suffer considerable stress from the noise of the festival.

Sadly, no additional requirements to monitor the zoo animals during the event have been added to the permit by Meath County Council. The ISPCA had asked the Council to take the requirements of sister organisation RSPCA’s Guidelines for Performing Animals* in to account in considering the application for a permit. Whilst the animals would not be used in a performance as such, the principles remain the same and the Guidelines outline actions to be taken to avoid unnecessary stress for the animals.

The charities say that it is completely unacceptable for zoos to hold this type of event: Zoos have a duty to protect the animals in their care and this activity poses a serious threat to the welfare of the animals. 

ISPCA CEO Dr Andrew Kelly said: "The ISPCA is very disappointed that Meath County Council has ignored the concerns of captive animal welfare experts and have given the go ahead for this event.  At the very least we believe that a condition of the licence should include the presence of a specialised zoo veterinary surgeon to monitor the wellbeing of the animals." 

Dr Chris Draper, Head of Animal Welfare & Captivity at Born Free, said: "We are extremely concerned to learn that this festival is going ahead, given our concerns for the welfare of the animals at the Park. Once the festival begins, there will be little that can be done to protect any animals that become stressed. Zoos and local councils must give more thought to the type of events they permit to take place in future, and prioritise animal welfare over profit." 


Read: RSPCA’s Guidelines for Performing Animals*


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