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Hurt, Homeless, Hungry - ISPCA rescue young horse

Late last week, we rescued a horse with a large open wound that ran all the way down his back right leg. He was visibly trembling and in shock, so weak he could barely stand.

The Vet gave him pain relief as soon as we got him to our specialist equine centre in Mallow. Sadly, the wound was very badly infected and Cooper, as we’ve since named him, must have been in agonising pain for days. Unable to fend for himself or to feed, he was also starting to lose weight. He is now being treated intravenously with strong antibiotics and painkillers and his wound is cleaned and dressed every day. Cooper has also been put on a special feeding programme to help him regain weight.


After such unspeakable cruelty, this handsome bay yearling also needs to know what it is like to be loved and cared for.

Thankfully, we got to Cooper just in time with life-saving care. His veterinary treatment, medications and aftercare are expensive, and he will need to stay with us until he is fully healed. We are hopeful that he will make a full recovery.

Will you help us if you can, with a kind donation so that we can rescue more animals like Cooper?

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