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Goose rescued in distressed state as he struggled to free himself from fishing line

29th August 2019

ISPCA Inspector Alice Lacey recently responded to a call about a goose that was limping beside the river at Cahir Castle Park, Co. Tipperary.

With the assistance of the local authority who maintain the park and gardens at Cahir Castle, the goose was secured with a net. It was found that there was fishing line wrapped extremely tightly around his leg which was digging into his skin.

Inspector Lacey removed the fishing line, cleaned the area and assessed the injury. Thankfully there was no serious damage so antiseptic spray and cream was applied and the goose was successfully returned to the water. Staff at the park will monitor the goose in the coming weeks to ensure that there are no lasting ill-effects.  

Inspector Lacey said:  “Fishing lines or plastic of any kind when not disposed of correctly, can cause serious harm to wildlife.  Plastic that is ingested or tangled can result in crippling injuries or worse, it can be fatal.  The goose, was in a distressed state struggling to free himself and we are grateful to the kind-hearted member of public for reporting it, so we could help him before his injury worsened.   We were able to rerelease him minimising any further stress that if untreated, could have resulted in a serious injury.

The ISPCA is reminding the public to dispose of plastic products such as fishing tackle responsibly to prevent wildlife from becoming injured, leaving them vulnerable as they struggle causing further damage or starvation.

For further information about our rescue work, or to report cruelty, neglect or abuse to an animal, please call our National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515, report online here, or email us at

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