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Fostering Appeal

Winter is coming. The leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in and here at the ISPCA National Animal Centre the equine staff are gearing up for the long hard days and the many needy horses and ponies that no doubt will need our assistance.

Our facilities are limited and although we have the greatest desire to help all horses in need we are restricted in what we can achieve. That is where you can come in. Do you love horses? Do you want to help one in need? Do you have the time and experience to take in a lost soul and help restore the light in his or her eyes? If you answered yes to any of these questions then fostering an ISPCA equine may be for you!

We are appealing for experienced horse lovers to foster a horse or pony for the winter months or until a home can be found. This would involve providing a stable or shelter with access to grazing and providing your time together with food, fodder and bedding. A rug will be provided and if necessary veterinary and farrier costs covered by ISPCA.

There are several different scenarios to consider. Perhaps you have experience with youngsters? We currently have foals, yearlings and two year olds that need shelter plenty of food and some handling daily. Alternatively we have older horses that will be happy to live out with a good rug and need to be checked daily and fed. Or perhaps you would enjoy working with one of our project ponies that have suffered severe stress and trauma at the hands of uncaring owners and need lots of TLC to regain their trust in people.

Can you help us to help horses and ponies in need this winter? Together we can make such a difference to their lives. 

One such wonderful fosterer is Jane Gray who  has offered a fantastic foster home for ISPCA equines with a view to training and backing these ponies so they can be rehomed as riding ponies. Jane has already started with Pippin and Elvis and both have done really well. The ISPCA equine team would like to say a huge thank you to Jane and her family for providing such an important role in the rehoming of our ponies. If anyone else feels that they can offer a similar service please do get in touch. Together we can make such a difference to these wonderful animals.    

Elvis's first saddle       

Pips first hack

“Having adopted a pony from ISPCA we were talking about the other 2 ponies we had met and that it was a shame they were not broken for riding as it had been mentioned that it would be difficult to home an unbroken pony. My partner then asked why I didn't offer to take them to start as I am experienced at starting horses and I wondered why I hadn't thought of it! My offer was accepted and I fostered the 2 ponies we had met and got them going under saddle. I was delighted to hear that one has been reserved and I hope his new family enjoys him as much as we have. Fostering these ponies has been a wonderful experience. I have been able to tell my kids about caring pet owners and that sometimes people let animals down but that there are people who help these animals get better and find their own loving home. The difference in these ponies is incredible and I have enjoyed every minute of having them, I will also foster again whether that is another for starting or a horse that needs some TLC and food it is so worthwhile and you really do see a change in them every day.”
                                                                                                                                                              Jane Grey

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