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Five ways you can change a pet’s life

24 JANUARY 2019

Today is Change a Pet’s Life Day, and the ISPCA are sharing five things you can do that will make a real impact on an animal’s life.

1. Adopt a pet

Change a Pet's Life Day

The simplest thing that you can do for any animals is to give them a home. ISPCA shelters are constantly full of dogs, cats, equines and other animals waiting to find homes. Often these animals have come from places where they were cruelly treated, neglected, abused or abandoned. All they need is a little bit of love and kindness, and it can be truly life changing for them.

Our ISPCA Happy Tails tell the stories of many pets adopted from us over the years, and how the simple act of a family opening their homes and hearts changed their adopted pet’s entire world.

Can you change a pet’s world? Visit the ISPCA rehoming pages.

2. Volunteer your spare time

If you can’t offer your home to an animal, there are still ways to help. You can always volunteer for the ISPCA!

Volunteers play an essential role in the work the ISPCA does rescuing, rehabilitating and responsibly rehoming animals. You can help walk, feed and care for our rescued animals as they prepare to go to their forever homes. Our volunteers help socialise rescued dogs and cats. They help train dogs to walk well on the lead. They help give our equines a safe, comfortable environment as they are rehabilitated.

While you may be giving only a few hours each week, our rescued animals will see their lives forever changed thanks to your care.

We have a number of volunteer roles available. Visit our volunteer page to learn more!

3. Donate to a great cause

The ISPCA works hard to fight animal cruelty in Ireland. We have a team of nine Animal Welfare Inspectors covering 17 counties in Ireland who investigate reports of animal cruelty, neglect or abuse, and help bring prosecutions under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 when they determine an offence has been committed.

We operate our National Animal Cruelty Helpline for members of the public to report animal cruelty in confidence.

The ISPCA has three Centres, one each in Longford, Cork and Donegal where we support our Inspectorate with the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals from across Ireland.

Calls to our Helpline have been increasing and our Centres continue to operate at full capacity.

Donations go a long way in helping the ISPCA carry out our work, and 88% of our funding comes from public support and legacies. Please consider a monthly donation to help us continue to change animal’s lives every day.

4. Report Animal Cruelty

You can change an animal’s life on any day of the year by reporting cases of cruelty, neglect or abuse to animals. Many of our rescues result from complaints that come from members of the public.

You can ring our National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515, or report online. All complaints are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

5. Take on a charity challenge or marathon

You can take part in a charity challenge or run a marathon while raising funds for #TeamISPCA!

Cycle from London to Paris or trek Transylvania in support of our work! You can also sign up for races across Ireland and walk, jog or run to rehome for us!

Any funds raised for the ISPCA will go a long way in helping the animals we rescue. 

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