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Edward is now feeling fresh, clean and is looking for love!

Edward was rescued from a property in Co. Laois along with a large number of other dogs living in unsuitable conditions when their elderly owner was unable to provide the care they required.

One of the dogs called Edward had severely matted fur and was feeling a little bit worse for wear. They were all checked over by a vet when they arrived at the ISPCA National Animal Centre and although Edward was found to be in good health, he had badly matted, dirty fur which would have been pulling on his skin making him very uncomfortable.    

After a badly needed shave and bath in our dedicated grooming room, kindly opened by ISPCA Ambassador Rosanna Davison in 2015, Edward was immediately feeling 0.4kg lighter! For a little lad like Edward, carrying that much weight in matted fur must have been very uncomfortable, but it was heart-warming to see his little tail wagging once he was all done!

Check out his heart-warming video here


Edward is now feeling fresh, clean and is looking for love!

If this little fellow is stealing your heart with his positive attitude, please contact the ISPCA National Animal Centre on 043 33 25 035, email or check out his adoption profile on the website here 

Edward has lots of love to give, and we can't wait for him to find his soulmate. If you are not in a position to adopt Edward, you can support ISPCA rescued dogs just like Edward on their rehabilitation journey by purchasing an ISPCA Valentine's Day Thoughtful Gift! Your gift will feed a dog or cat in our care for a month and your special someone will receive a beautiful card as well.

You can choose to send your Valentines Thoughtful Gift as a physical card or an E-card, which make fantastic last minute gifts available on

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